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Browse Profile positions

Last updated by Min - on April 05, 2013 15:56

When you Browse Profiles on Project Voyeur, we show you the most recently updated profiles first. After all, there is no point showing you profiles of people who no longer use their accounts!

In short, this means that every time you edit or make changes to your profile, you jump straight to the front of our search results. Similarly, if you haven't updated your profile for several months, you will be at the end of our results.

Some members had started to update their profiles every few seconds, for hours (sometimes days) on end - just so they could cheat their way to the top of our search engine. Whilst these users soon became the most visited profiles on Project Voyeur, they made it impossible for anyone else to have a go in the search results. This, of course, is unfair!

Nobody likes a push-in and nobody wants to see the same mugs every day. To stop this abuse, we introduced a daily ranking limit. Whilst you can update the content on your Profile as often as you like, you will only be placed at the front of our search engine once in any 24 hour period. This is the only fair thing to do and is respectful of our other members.

Members are encouraged to update their profiles, this includes adding new profile media, as often as they like. If you see the message "Because you've updated your profile more than once in 24 hours, your browse result position has not increased", this means that your changes were stored successfully, but your search position did not increase (because you were placed at the front of the search engine earlier on that day). The next time you update your profile after the 24 hour period has expired, you will go to the front of the results again.