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I can't Sign In / Log In

Last updated by Min - on April 05, 2013 01:51

Possible Sign In Issues

Are you entering your username and/or password correctly?

Most sign in issues are caused when a member either gets their Project Voyeur credentials mixed up with those for another site or is misspelling or not using the correct case sensitive username and password combination. If you need to be reminded of your sign in details, please have us resend your login details.

Username & Password correct but still can't sign in?

If your sign in details are correct and you still cannot sign in, then it is very likely you have "cookies" disabled.  Cookies are small, safe pieces of information that are stored on your computer to identify you on our servers. You can see if you have cookies enabled by running our non-invasive System Test. To find out how to enable cookies, please refer to the instructions for your specific browser.

Still having issues Signing In?

If you are still unable to sign in then please open a support ticket with our technical support who will be happy to assist you.