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Minimum Quality Requirements

Last updated by Min - on April 07, 2013 22:13

While Project Voyeur would like to accept and feature all photo and video contris, we do have to maintain some minimum quality standards. Please note that these are basic guidelines and are in place to help submitters.


  • The absolute minimum size for images is 640 x 480 pixels. The bigger your images, the better.
  • Please do not add borders or frames to your images.
  • Please do not submit images with any text on them
  • You can blur parts of your images but please make sure that is does not overly detract from the main composition of your images. We can blur your images for you if you make the request at time of submission.


  • Please do not submit overly small size videos.
  • Please make sure that the duration of your videos are at least 30 seconds in length and to be considered for contests, they must be a minimum of 2 minutes but the longer the better.
  • Do not submit videos with watermarks or other text.

Editing Tools

If you want to edit your photos or videos and need some suggestions on the best tools for the job, please have a look at our list of useful downloads.