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Why do you need my Email Address?

Last updated by Min - on April 05, 2013 03:26

We must have a valid email address on your file even if you don't want to receive newsletters. We never send unsolicited emails (known as 'spam') to your email address and all of your data is kept strictly secure.

Additionally, when you sign-up, we send a verification email with a code, that is required to complete your registration. This is done to stop automated software from taxing our systems with useless fake accounts.

It is very important to provide your real email address, as we need to be able to contact you for proof of ownership if there is a problem with your account. Examples might be that you have forgotten your password, or a friend has logged on to your account and changed your details. You may think it will never happen to you, but hundreds of accounts are lost every day - all because their creators provided a fake email address at registration, meaning they could not prove ownership.

Most members like to receive email alerts that update them about activity on their accounts like new private messages, new profile comments, etc. You can chose exactly what emails you receive, if any, by clicking the "My PV" link located top-right of the page and selecting "My Settings" from the menu to access your Privacy Settings.