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Subscription Levels

Last updated by Min - on April 03, 2013 15:27

About Subscription Levels

How many subscription levels are there?

Project Voyeur has 3 subscription levels as follows:

  • Free Subscribers
  • Silver Subscribers
  • Gold Subscribers

What are the differences between each subscription level?

To get a comprehensive comparison between each level, please visit Compare Subscriptions.

Is the Free Subscription really free?

Yes, the free subscription really is free and there's no catch. Besides allowing you to leave comments and vote on contris1, your free account also gives you your own profile page, friends list, access to any contris you submit, and more. If you would like access to the entire archive of photos and videos ever posted at Project Voyeur, then you should consider the Gold subscription.

I am a Silver subscriber and would like to upgrade to Gold. Can I?

Absolutely! And you don't even have to take out a whole new subscription.  Simply sign into your account and add on a Gold subscription for the remainder of your Silver subscription.