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My Friends

Last updated by Min - on April 19, 2013 13:01

The "My Friends" menu provides you the tools to view, edit and manage your friends list, hot list and pest list. To access, click on the "My PV" link located top-right of the page and select "My Friends" from the menu.

Options within the "My Friends" menu:

  • Friend List: View and manage your friends and friend requests.
  • Hot List: View and manage users you have added to your hot list.
  • Pest List: View and manage users you have added to your pest list.
  • Covert Agent: See which users have added you to their hot list. ( PV-Essentials )

Friend List

Firstly, we have a newer filter system for your friend list that is much more intuitive. You can either filter by "All friends", "Online" or "Link Requested".

  • All friends: This quite simply lists all your linked friends.
  • Online: This lists all linked friends who are currently online.
  • Link Requested: This lists all incoming and outgoing friend requests that have not yet been actioned.
What is "Unlink" ?

Unlink basically takes you off the respective members friend list and them off yours.

What is "Requested | Cancel" ?

This indicates a friend request that you have initiated and has not been accepted yet. Clicking "Cancel" cancels the request.

What is "Accept | Reject" ?

These links allow you to either "Accept" an incoming friend request, or alternatively, "Reject" an incoming request.

Hot List

What's the Hot List?

Unlike your Friend List, you do not have to be approved to put people in your Hot List. Your Hot List is an easy way to bookmark other users so you can, for instance, always find their profile pages quicker.

You can delete users from your Hot List by clicking the trash can icon to the right of their profile image.

Pest List

Pests, as we affectionately refer to them, are user you have blocked from interacting with you. To see how to block users, see this article.

Covert Agent

Covert Agent is a tool that allow you to see which users have added you to the Hot List. You can either return the favour by adding them to your Hot List or Friend List. Having a user on your Pest List does not stop them from adding you to their Hot List but they will not be able to rate you or send you messages.