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My Profile

Last updated by Min - on April 19, 2013 11:25

The "My Profile" menu provides you the tools to view, edit and interact with your profile. To access, click on the "My PV" link located top-right of the page and select "My Profile" from the menu.

Options within the "My Profile" menu:

  • View Profile: A link to your profile page that allows you to see your profile the way other users would.
  • Edit Profile: Add a wealth of information to your profile. Use this to help visitors get to know you better.
  • Who's Visited: Allows you to see which members visited your profile page. ( PV-Essentials )
  • View Ratings: Profile pages are equipped with a fun rating tool and this allows you to see what you've been rated.
  • Who's Rated: Allows you to see which members rated you and what they rated you. ( PV-Essentials )

Edit Profile

Please remember to click the "Save" button each time you make an edit to your profile. Failing to do this will result in your changes not taking effect.

Making changes to your profile, including adding new profile media, gives you better placements on the "Browse Profiles" page.  To learn more about this, see this article.

Who's Visited

Please note that if a user is not logged into an account on Project Voyeur, we are unable to show them on this list.

Mousing over the blue dots shows you the approximate number of times that specific user has visited your page. The date and time show the last approximate visit but please note that this is not a real-time statistic and can be several hours out till it is updated with newer dates and times.

View Ratings

This page shows you what other members have rated you and is sorted by "Total Rates", so the highest ratings are to the top. The blue dots show you the percentage breakdown of each rate when moused over.

Who's Rated

You have viewed your ratings but this invaluable tools lets you see WHO rated you and WHAT they rated you and WHEN they rated you. This page is sorted from newest to oldest.