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Last updated by Min - on April 04, 2013 17:48

You can upload anything so long as it is in accordance with our Terms of Use and you have full copyright entitlement to use the image or video. You may post nude photos and videos of yourself in your profile if you wish, and in fact, we encourage you to, but only in the Adult Content areas. To do this, check 'YES' to the question 'Is this picture / video explicit?' when you upload your image.

You may not upload photos and/or videos that could cause offence to another user. Every photo and video that is uploaded is validated by an Administrator to ensure that no illegal content is posted & that no explicit/hardcore material is posted in the public areas of your profile. If your photo or video has disappeared or moved from adult to public or vice versa it is because an Administrator has either moved or deleted it. The Administrator's decision is final & is not open to discussion. Repeated abuse will result in account termination. Please note that we do not allow naked or semi-naked photographs or videos of children (even if it is your child, or yourself many years ago) to be uploaded. These photos will be deleted.

You may of course post your pictures and videos to our amateur sections and can find guidance on how to here. Please not that these images and videos do not form part of your "profile media" but are shown within our amateur categories and are known as contris. When you submit pictures via this method, you are automatically entered into our monthly contests and web site visitors can vote for you to win. Every month we give away cash prizes as well as memberships!